January 20, 2019

Statement of Mission

 It shall be the mission of the Foundation for Educational Excellence, serving West Chicago Elementary School District 33, to acquire and distribute financial and other resources to the school district for enrichment programs and other projects aimed at enhancing the quality of education and providing students and staff extended learning opportunities.


The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing support toward the following goals:

  • To promote student development.

                     √        Provide resources for educational enrichment activities for all students.

                     √        Provide opportunities for students to pursue additional educational experiences.

                     √        Provide for activities that develop mutual respect for each others diversity.

  • To encourage excellence through creative teaching.

                     √        Support professional growth for staff.

                     √        Support resources for creative teaching ideas and programs.

                     √        Support programming to meet individual student diverse learning needs.

  • To encourage and enhance school/community/business partnerships.

                    √        Provide a means for individuals and organizations to share resources with the schools to enhance diverse learning needs.

                    √        Facilitate cooperative ventures and promote unity among the Foundation, community, businesses, and the school district.

  • To promote the arts.
  • To promote science and technology.

Approved September 22, 1988

                     Revised September 9, 1997

Revised March 13, 2008